Susan Ring

Susan is a partner at Richard Buxton and represents Mike Hulme. Both Susan and Mike will be available on the day for discussions with delegates.

Extracts from Richard Buxton Website

Susan was The Times' ‘Lawyer of the Week' in January 2007 as a result of winning the landmark Barker environmental impact assessment case in the House of Lords (following a reference by the House of Lords to the European Court of Justice). As a result, the Government has had to consult on proposals to amend the Environmental Impact Assessment Regulations to require that that where development consent comprises a multi-stage process e.g. outline planning applications, EIA can be required before approval of reserved matters. The Regulations will also apply to conditions attached to full planning permissions which do not permit development until the submission of certain detailed matters and their approval by the planning authority.

Susan is currently acting for a large number of residents' groups objecting to wind farm development near their homes. Residents are typically concerned that the wind turbines are being sited too close to their homes, with resultant noise pollution problems and impact on landscape, and that the claims for the likely electricity generation of the wind turbines is exaggerated:

Susan has also been asked to represent residents who are experiencing nuisance from wind turbines that are now in operation; noise measurements suggest that low frequency noise from the wind turbines is interfering with enjoyment of their homes and causing sleep disturbance