Jeremy Nicholson

Jeremy Nicholson is Director of the Energy Intensive Users Group, which campaigns for secure, competitive energy supplies for UK industry. He trained originally as a civil engineer with the Halcrow Group, specialising in infrastructure projects for water and energy utilities and their regulators. He subsequently spent four years as an economic analyst working on demand forecasting, water resources and business planning for a group of French-owned water companies in the UK before joining EIUG, initially as their Economic Adviser, in 2000. He is a board member of the International Federation of Industrial Consumers, a member of Ofgem's Environmental Advisory Group, the government's Business Energy Forum, and a Fellow of the Energy Institute.

He was recently quoted as saying that "If we had 30 GW of wind power in place it would not have contributed anything of significance during the recent cold snap! (Christmas 2009 - January 2010)"

Jeremy will be speaking on the economics af wind power, unreliability in low wind conditions, reliance on backup from fossil fuels and the escalating cost to the consumer and industry.