Dick Bowdler

  Dick been a noise consultant for forty years. He was one of the original members of the Institute of Acoustics when it was founded in 1974 and has been a Fellow since 1977.

Since 1978 Dick have given evidence at planning inquiries and civil actions for noise nuisance. He has given evidence at sixteen wind farm public inquiries.

Dick has been a supporter of renewable energy for over 40 years but also believes that people have the right to be protected from unreasonable levels of noise.

He a long standing critic of ETSU-R-97 because he believes that the noise level limits it sets do not properly protect people’s amenity in quiet areas.

Dick is speaking on:

  • The history of ETSU
  • The problems with ETSU
  • Arguments to raise that an inspector at a PI may take notice of.
  • Arguments that will be pointless at an inquiry.