Bob Barfoot


Bob Barfoot is the Chair of CPRE (North Devon) and a member of the CPRE South West Region Energy Topic Group. He is a retired electrical/electronic control sytems engineer.

Co-author with John Constable of the REF paper on the RO system.

Directly involved in seven Wind Farm public inquiries to date and indirectly involved in several others.

Bob's special interests are :

  • Landscape and visual impact
  • The way that developers visualisation under-represent visual impact
  • Issues with turbine noise
  • Energy generation issues

Bob will be speaking at the conference in his private capacity  on the importance of accurate photomontages and the way that the developers’ photomontages often misrepresent the scale of the turbines. Bob will explain how to identify the flaws and how the images should be produced. He will explain briefly the SNH Guidance which the developers should follow and also the new Highland Council Standards.

Congratulations to Bob and others on their recent victory at the Paul's Moor and Bickham Moor Public Inquiries.

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