Mike Hulme (Denbrook)

Mike will be at the conference and there will be an opportunity to hear about his long fight at Denbrook and his current High Court Judicial Review. (Note as this is current there may be some legal restraints)

Mike is a leading member of the Den Brook Judicial Review Group (DBJRG). As one of the founding members he spearheaded the Den Brook noise case through two Public Inquiries and a successful challenge at the High Court in London.

From Mike:

Barbara and I are looking forward to meeting everyone and hoping to share our wealth of experience and knowledge gained over the past 5 years.

Our local group has needed to raise close to £100k in order to fight two Public Inquiries and a High Court judicial appeal. During what seems like an eternity, we achieved a number of significant breakthroughs that have also strengthened many other cases throughout the country.

The recently lodged High Court Appeal seeks to clarify and firmly establish the hard-won AM noise condition imposed by the Inspector for the recent Den Brook approval.

It’s aim is to achieve a much-needed means for combating intrusive and potentially health-damaging noise that is currently and likely to affect many families living close to wind farms and making lives a misery.

RES Ltd strongly resisted introduction of the AM condition, commenting, “it is not a requirement of ETSU-R-97”, and, “potentially it could cause profound damage to the UK wind industry”.

See you on the 6th

Mike H.


More on Mike

Mike has recently lodged a second Appeal at the High Court, challenging the Inspector’s approval for Den Brook on, amongst others, grounds that the noise condition dealing with excess AM is defective.

During the twists and turns of the Den Brook case, noise has emerged as a major issue. Mike is currently working alongside one of the most experienced legal and noise experts’ teams in the country.

Over the years they have achieved a number of valuable steps progressing the noise debate on a national level. These include:
• obtaining long term, site specific anemometry data from the developer, RES Ltd.
• bringing the effects of wind shear and atmospheric conditions to the fore in noise assessments.
• a FOI request, obtaining the drafts of Hayes McKenzie’s 2006 LFN report for which the DTI initially claimed them “not to be in the public interest”.

Mike has been filmed as events unfolded over the past four years as part of a 4 part forthcoming BBC TWO documentary series following all sides in the Den Brook story. It’s working title is Blown Apart and it “follows the emotional drama within a small community in Devon as landowners, villagers, and the developers argue about the highly controversial wind farm planned for their doorstep”